Why You Should Make Greasy Hair Your New BFF

Tell shampoo you’ll see her on the weekends.


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The endless cycle of washing, drying, straightening, styling, and repeating; we have all been there, myself included.

I’ve been bleaching my hair since 2016 and up until six months ago I would not set foot outside the house with a head of greasy hair. But where bleach and heat meet hair, hair meets breakage, and a woman enters denial.

Dermatologist Zoe Diana Draelos explains that this chemical and mechanical trauma can alter the physical structure of our hair which products cannot permanently repair… as much as we would like to convince ourselves of the contrary.

For most of us, styling our hair is more important than dressing ourselves. Hair damage and loss can be difficult to come to terms with, so we are constantly reaching for the quick fixes… the expensive hair mask, the high-end straightener, or the five-hundred-euro hair extensions.

What if I were to tell you that the secret to manifesting your dream locks is to befriend your greasy hair?

If you’re like me and you follow the @greasyhair_queen on TikTok, then you have probably seen the hundreds of ways you can style your hair without having to rewash it.

Shampooing strips your scalp of its essential oils which are needed to stimulate hair growth. Now, I know what you’re thinking. There’s no way you can possibly style your hair, without a blow-dry or volume curls and it still look cute and professional. Well… let me introduce you to hair sleeking! The hair styling technique that completely transformed my hair care journey.

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First things first; DON’T wash your hair, or “go over” it with a straightener. A frizzy mane is not a problem when it comes to this hairstyle.

Just trust the process, grab a hairbrush, and stay away from heat. Not just any brush, but one that is right for your hair type. I love using a boar bristle brush, it detangles my hair without tugging on the strands.

Next, you will need a sleeking brush. I would recommend the Technic Comb, which you can find for only €2.64 on Amazon. If you don’t have one accessible to you now, and you’re just dying to try this hair trend, not to worry as a spoolie will work just fine.

The final thing you need is hair gel, or an even crazier idea… oily roots. If using gel, it’s important to choose carefully, as most contain ingredients like alcohol which dry out our hair.

My personal fave is Eco Gel. It contains natural and eco-friendly ingredients such as aloe vera, argan and olive oil, which help to nourish and strengthen hair stands without hardening or drying it out. A bonus is it’s alcohol-free!

You can be creative when it comes to what products you use. On her TikTok, Sophia Richie sleeks with a hair mask and oils. There are so many options that don’t involve drowning your hair in all those chemicals.

@sofiarichiegraingeSleek lazy girl bun♬ original sound – Sofia Richie Grainge

The art of mastering the sleek back is as follows: Detangle and split your hair down the middle. Tie your hair in the desired position. Take a small amount of hair gel/mask and glide it through the roots of your hair. (FYI, If your hair is oily enough, then there is no need for gel).

Use your hairbrush to readjust your ponytail and to work the gel into your hair. When the ponytail is fully secured use your comb or spoolie to slick back any baby hairs. You can take as much time as you like with that last step, depending on how perfect you need your hair to be.

Now you’re free to do whatever it is you wish to do with your ponytail, whether that be a bun, a plait, or to let it swish.

Luckily for us, our hair is the only bodily structure capable of entirely renewing itself without scarring or leaving behind any permanent damage. So just remember that patience is a virtue, consistency is key and hair growth is a work in progress… if you’re willing to do what it takes and get over your fear of an oily scalp!

By Shauna Whyte.