Would You Try Period Swimwear?

Period undies are old news now.


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Every year new technology makes life a little easier for those of us with a period – menstrual cups, period tracking apps, and the revolutionary invention of the period underwear; undies that require nothing else but their own material to keep you mess-free. The introduction of period underwear was initially slow; high end lingerie brands offered the items as niche, luxury products to those who could afford them. Then all of a sudden the concept exploded, and you can now even pop down and pick up some period knickers in Penneys. A dream, tbh.


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But some companies are taking it one step further; and have brought out ranges of period-friendly swimwear – so you can go for a dip while mid-flow. Testers at Good Housekeeping are standing behind their trials of the period proof swimsuits and bikini bottoms that can be bought online. They work just like their predecessors, with technology that absorbs liquid, neutralises odour and keeps you clean and dry. The absorbent lining is cased in waterproof material so you can swim with total confidence.

Most of the kinds we looked at though did stress that you probably shouldn’t rely on just the swimwear when you’re on a heavy-flow day, as the moisture-wicking technology isn’t quite there yet. It’s best to wear these for a swim on your lighter days, and as back up when you’re expecting your period to come or have some spotting.

You’d imagine that such scientific swimming togs are probably pretty frumpy. On the contrary, we’ve had a look at what’s out there, and there’s some great choices. Though some of the items require a bit of a splurge, you can make a solid investment in some funky patterned one pieces and cute bottoms. Still sceptical? We don’t blame you – but everything takes a little getting used to! While we might not be rushing down to the beach in these JUST yet…summer is still a couple of months away so there’s plenty of time to test the waters (pardon the pun). At the moment you can purchase some period proof swimming bits at Knix, Ruby Love, and ModiBodi – though we reckon it won’t be long before they’re popping up at Penneys too!


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Words by Aoife CodyKane