WTF? Women Are Highlighting Their Vaginas And We’re *So* Confused

Because highlight on the cheekbones simply isn't enough?

vagina purse

Have you ever been doing your make-up and thought, ‘Let me just highlight my lady garden real quick’? Yeah, neither have we, but lots of women are swearing by this questionable new beauty trend.

A Scandinavian brand called The Perfect V has developed vagina highlighter to both illuminate and soften the skin around our nether regions “making it appear more youthful and fresh”.

But people are sceptical and feel like it involves a whole lot of unnecessary effort.

One woman took to Twitter saying, “I mean just how ‘youthful’ do you need your vulva to look?? Giving young girls a whole new, unnecessary body hang up ? ”, to which another woman replied, “I can barely be bothered to highlight my face and Cosmo really thinks I’m gonna sit there highlighting my vagina?!”

Would you consider highlighting your lady bits?

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