Yikes! Zoella Released An Advent Calendar And Everybody HATES It

It's been described as "overpriced tat".

Beauty blogger and YouTuber, Zoella, has racked up millions of followers online for sharing videos of her life, relationship and beauty routines and she’s just released her very own advent calendar in the run up to Christmas.

There’s just one problem though… People hate it. The calendar is priced at £50, or €65, and contains small items such as stickers, confetti and pens. People have been slamming the 27-year-old for charging such a high price – especially considering the fact that her target audience are children and teenagers.

People have taken to Twitter to vent their feelings, and one woman said, “Zoella is a perfect example of people deliberately using their platforms for nothing other than to give themselves a bigger pay cheque every month. £50 for a poorly designed 12 day cheap advent calendar is an insult to anyone who has ever supported her.”

Zoella has not yet commented on the backlash, but we’ll be sure to fill you in when she does.

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