You Can Now Get A Sheet Mask For Your Vagina, In Case It’s Not Glowy Enough

Detox your labia!

We love a good sheet mask when our skin needs a bit of a pick-me-up. But like all trends, it’s being taken to extremes – there are now sheet masks for your hands, your chest, your bum… and your vagina. Well, your vulva, technically.

Yes, you can now buy a special sheet mask for the vulva, created by TWO L(I)PS (yep), a new luxury skincare range for your intimate area.

They proudly proclaim it to be the “world’s first infrared-activated charcoal mask for your vulva”, which… it probably is, to be fair. But what does it do, exactly? Why, it detoxes, soothes, brightens and hydrates your vag, of course!

The mask fits over your pelvic region and down on to your labia and inner thighs, and according to brave testers at The Sun, felt “cooling and soothing” and calmed irritation from a recent wax.

We feel it’s important to state here that the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, and you probably shouldn’t interfere with it beyond washing the area with water.

However, if you feel your vulva desperately needs to be detoxed and brightened, fire away! The mask is a mere €21 (excluding shipping). Please do let us know if you achieve a gleaming vagina.


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