You Can Now Create Your Own Perfect Moisturiser Completely Tailored To Your Skin’s Needs

They're bringing artificial intelligence into the world of skincare.

I don’t know about you, but I have a strong love for skincare. From serum to SPF and everything in between, I just want it all. No, I feel like I need it all. But as we all know at this stage, something that seems to work for everyone else might not be your cup of tea, and vice versa. But now, there’s a skincare brand that will literally tailor make products for your skin and your skin only.

German personalised skincare brand Skinmade is the world’s first skincare brand that uses advanced technology and artificial intelligence to listen to, measure and understand your skin’s individual needs. Specific ingredients are then selected to offer products that are optimally designed for your skin only. And it’s now available in Ireland.

There are many different factors that determine your skin’s current condition and challenges, like the weather, your stress-level, hormones and your lifestyle. Skinmade’s scientists have developed an advanced, original skin reading system that captures exactly what your skin currently needs. This reading system, combined with the brand’s industry leading artificial intelligence, takes the data from your skin, translates it into a set of ingredients, freshly mixes up the formula and creates your personalised moisturiser. Well, how very 2020 of us altogether.

The idea behind the brand is to acknowledge the skin as its own beauty & health expert. Simply book a Skinmade reading in Akina Beauty Clinic on Leeson Street, Dublin 2. They’re now Skinmade’s first registered Irish reading clinic. The readings last only 5 minutes and your personalised products will be developed in Germany and delivered to you within 5 working days. Bliss.

Regular skin readings are recommended, as your skin’s needs are constantly changing. Although, you only pay for your personalised moisturiser, without the skin reading test too.


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