Your €2 Secret To Flawless Lipstick? It’s Sitting On Your Desk Right Now

We are definitely trying this out.

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Instagram MUA Huda Kattan and her heavily contoured lipstick tutorials have been everywhere of late, but if your hand isn’t quite steady enough to mimic her lipliner skillz, we may have found the solution.

Cosmetics junkies have been taking Huda’s contouring trick to the next level, and using Sellotape rather than liner to get a flawless finish.

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The trick? Simply position the sticky tape under and over each lip, and apply your favourite shade with reckless abandon.

Then gently pull off the tape for a clean and mess-free finish.

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Okay, these Instagrammers definitely make it look easy, but we reckon this ‘hack’ probably takes a few tries to get right, and you’ll probably need to touch up your foundation after removing the tape.

We’re definitely intrigued though, and it beats having to clean up yet another lipliner mistake.


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