Your Go-To Guide To SPF

We all need to wear sun protection daily, but which product is best for you? Vicki Notaro breaks it down.


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We know we should be wearing SPF on our faces every single day of the year, but that advice really ramps up in the summer to include your entire body, and higher factors. It can be tempting to think ah, it’s only Ireland, the sun isn’t that strong, but that is quite simply incorrect. So choose a product for your face and body that suits your requirements and your budget and just. Bloody. Wear. It.

The Bargain

ALDI’s Lacura line has all of the quality of a high-end sun care range with a small price tag, which makes it a no-brainer. Pick it up with your shopping for €3.49 and stay safe.

The All-Day One

P20 is virtually impenetrable when used correctly – that means applying it 20 minutes before sun exposure and letting it dry before you dress. When you do that, it should give you ten hours of protection. Check it out here for €33.

The Innovative One

I discovered Vichy’s Solar Protective Water last year and wore it every day on holiday in Cyprus. I didn’t burn once and thanks to the added Beta Carotene, actually got a lovely, safe glow.


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The Cooling One

This is gorgeous is being in the sun gets you hot and bothered, because as well as protecting you, it actively cools the skin. Garnier’s Ambre Solaire range is truly top-notch.

The Very High One

This 50+ cream from Clarins is gorgeously rich and luxurious, and glides on without any white patches or stickiness. Perfect if you’re very fair.

Top Three SPFs For Your Face

Image Prevention+ SPF32

I wear this every single day anyway, so if you don’t, please, please start. Especially if you’re using any active ingredients or retinol on your face, as they make your skin even more sun-sensitive. Buy it here.


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Skingredients SPF50+ Skin Shield

Perfect for summer, it won’t make your face sticky, has a flattering peach tint that makes you look glowy, and packs a powerful mineral sunscreen punch.

La Roche Posay Anthelios Ultra SPF50

This one is best for sensitive skin, including eyes that get weepy when they come into contact with regular SPF. Non-greasy and won’t clog pores too.

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