Yuck! Turns Out Some Sheet Masks Are Really, Really Gross

Here's why.


Like all good skincare trends, the sheet mask, loved by celebrities and beauty enthusiasts alike, hails from Korea, but unlike the BB and CC innovations of the past, the formula-infused sheets are currently being hit with a major sanitation scandal.

See, sheet masks don’t just look a bit scary; the way they’re put together could actually cause major horrors for your skin.

According to Racked.com, who launched an investigation into the growing issue, many brands are being made in people’s homes in Korea, meaning that they aren’t subject to the same hygiene and safety regulations. Add to that, the sheets are also being folded by hand, not machine, on people’s living room floors.

Yep, that means another person’s grubby, potentially germ-ridden hands have been all over something you’re about to put on your face for 20 minutes. Nice. Now imagine all the havoc that bacteria could wreak on your pores.

It’s worthing noting though, that not all sheet masks are made in this way and Racked suggests that it’s generally small cosmetic brands that are involved in the illegal practice.

Still, we think we’ll stick to clay masks just to be on the safe side.


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