PSA: Here’s How To Cut Your Own Fringe At Home

Your step by step guide is here.

There’s a lot of things that are being neglected while we’re tucked up indoors right now. While our Netflix account is getting a whole lot of attention, along with Disney+, our normal routine has gone out the window, along with coffee dates, Saturday night celebrations and, of course, trips to the hairdressers.

If you’re currently sporting a fringe, chances are it’s probably growing well over your eyes at this stage. And if you’re just bored and feel like this would be the perfect time to give a fringe a go, this is where we come in. Although, if you’re contemplating trying a fringe for the first time, maybe wait until your hairdresser opens their doors again. Either way, here are our top tips for cutting your own fringe. Bangs, here we come!

Get the right tools

First of all, you’re going to need a pretty good scissors. Any old scissors just won’t do here, no matter how good you think your kitchen scissors are. Sorry! There’s a reason the pros have proper tools, you know. There’s plenty of places online that can deliver safely, so you’re best off getting in that virtual Boots queue and picking up a decent scissors. Trust us, your fringe will thank you!

All about that prep

You’ll probably remember this from your teenage years, when you and your mates thought it’d be a great idea to chop a few bangs into wet hair. NOPE. Prep your hair by making sure it’s 100% dry. When your hair is wet, it basically stretches, so you’re more than likely gonna cut your fringe too short, and you won’t even realise until your hair is dry. No one wants that now, do we? Even if you are just giving your fringe a trim, you don’t want to end up regretting it. Even better, style your hair as you normally would, before giving your bangs a trim. This way, you can see exactly how it should turn out.

Practice the pro tips

You know how you always see the hairdresser pointing the scissors upwards as they cut? Yep, this is called a pointcut. It helps create a bit of texture and softens the line you’re creating, no blunt edges here. Keep this in mind when you’re trimming your fringe, it’ll help conceal any mistakes too. We’ll take any help we can get really.

Do your research

There are SO many tutorials on how to trim your own fringe, and now you’ve got the time to take advantage of that. Do a bit of research on YouTube, and you’ll be able to see without looking through strands of hair in no time.


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