10 Nice Things You Can Do For Yourself To Beat Those January Blues

Time to give yourself some TLC.


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It can be easy to find yourself stuck in a bit of a rut this time of year. The Christmas comedown is well and truly underway and if you’re opting for a dry January, finding ways to preoccupy yourself for the next few weeks can seem impossible. However, there are lots of nice things you can do for yourself this month that will be friendly to your wallet and also your mental health.

1. Use your nice bits

We all have those bits we use only on ‘nice’ occasions, like that candle you light only when you have visitors or that perfume you wear for special nights out. Well for January, we say use those bits! Popping to the shop for some bread? Spray that Tom Ford perfume. Light that candle while you binge watch that Netflix series. Treat the entire month as one of those ‘nice’ occasions.

2. Re-watch your favourite series

Are you constantly watching new series and hoping they’re even half as good as your favourites? Well stop watching these crappy, over-hyped new shows and re-visit the classics. Avoid disappointment and spend your chill time watching something you know is good, like the entire Sex and the City box set or The Office. If it ain’t broke…

3. Give your skin some TLC


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If you’re not planning on doing much this month to save some money (and your liver), it’s the perfect time to give your skin a break. Break out the face masks and take advantage of those nights in by the tele. Your skin will be glowing come Feb.

4. Find a new hobby


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There’s no better way to keep busy than taking up a new hobby. If you want to try keep fit without going hell for leather at the gym, yoga is a good hobby to try. It can be done at home and can be a great way to relax.

5. Start a memory jar


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Memory jars are a great way to practice gratitude. More and more people are doing them these days. Each week, write down one happy or funny things that happened, and then, at the end of the year, have fun revisiting the memories.

We think this is a fab idea and a great way to be appreciative of the little things!

6. Have some wholesome fun with your friends


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As we get older, it can be hard to find time to see your friends if it’s not someone’s birthday or a big boozy occasion, that’s why we suggest doing something fun and recreational this month. Do something simple like go to the cinema, have a game night in or go bowling and spend some time reconnecting – soberly!

7. Learn how to cook

If you’re trying to cut out the crap this year and start eating healthily, taking up cooking is the best way to start. Get yourself a good cook book and have fun learning and experimenting with new recipes. It’s a great hobby and can be super therapeutic.

8. Avoid unrealistic new year’s resolutions

There’s nothing more disheartening than failing to keep your new year’s resolutions. One sure way to avoid disappointment is to not set unrealistic goals for yourself. For example, don’t promise to go to the gym five times a week when your schedule won’t allow it. Any resolution is a good one so don’t be afraid to start small!

9. Declutter your wardrobe/your life


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You know how the saying goes – clean space, clean mind. Take some time to declutter your wardrobe and throw out everything you don’t wear. If you haven’t worn it six months, let it go! You’ll have lots of room for the new bits you’ve accumulated over Christmas and think about how pleasing it will be to open a neat and tidy wardrobe every morning.

10. Start a new book


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Try take some time away from screens and start a new book. There are some fab self-care books which are perfect for the new year if you’re looking to get your life in order. We love ‘Get Your Shit Together’ by Sarah Knight and Caroline Foran’s ‘The Confidence Kit: Your Bullsh*t-Free Guide to Owning Your Fear’.