5 Ways To Cheer Yourself Up This Weekend

Whether it’s the winter blues that you have or a dose of the flu, if you’re feeling down, we know just how you can cheer yourself up.

Have a long hot bath


Pour yourself a hot bath full of your favourite soaps and scents. Epsom Salts if you have them. Not only will your stress levels decrease, your muscles and joints will feel better too. Light some candles and immerse yourself for 40 minutes. Switch off your phone and switch yourself off too. You’ll sleep like a baby afterwards.



We’re massive fans of writing lists and it’s a lot more therapeutic than you think. They really help you gather your thoughts and get your priorities in order when you’re feeling crap or out of your depth. Write down things you need to do or get, jot down what you’re feeling or thinking or write yourself some personal goals. Not only will your anxiety levels decrease, your goals will seem more attainable and you’ll be more determined to get things done.



According to a Wall Street Journal report, health professionals in America have now introduced baking classes to help treat people suffering from stress and anxiety. Not only will baking provide a sense of release, you’ll learn some great new skills too. Focusing on a singular activity will also take your mind off whatever it is that’s getting you down. Pop on to Pinterest for some delicious inspiration.

Cosy up with a thrilling book


Turn off your phone and settle down with a thrilling book. Grab some blankets and a cuppa and get yourself cosy, there’s really no need to go outside. Two excellent books that we’ve read recently are The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins (think Gone Girl but even more gripping) and Asking for it by Lousie O’Neill (you wont be able to put it down). Thank us later.

Watch Breakfast At Tiffany’s


There’s nothing like a feel-good flick and this is one of our faves. Put on a movie from your past and get snuggled up, it will definitely cheer you up. Some other great ones are Mary Poppins, Finding Nemo, Cool Runnings and Fantastic Mr Fox. Any Disney film will hit the spot too.


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