6 Ice-Cold Dublin Desserts That’ll Cool You Right Down In This Glorious Sunshine

Soda mint lime lemonade. Enough said.

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Finally we’ve got ourselves some sunshine in Ireland, but that also means seriously re-thinking our mealtime choices.

It’s bye-bye to cake and hot chocolate and HELLO to all sorts of chilled and iced goodness.

Behold, our cheat sheet of Dublin’s most refreshing desserts….

1. Vietnamese Iced Coffee from Oxmantown

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If the thought of a toasted sambo in the sunshine makes you want to die, opt for a cracking salad and iced coffee from Team STELLAR’s go-to lunch spot.

2. (Relatively) healthy frozen yoghurt from Póg

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Póg’s fro-yo is naturally sweetened and seriously low in fat, so it’s a great alternative to ice-cream. Go all out with your toppings (Oreo and brownie crumble anyone?) or keep it guilt-free with some fruit, seeds and nuts.

3. Homemade Soda Mint Lime Lemonade from JoBurger

Ice-cold and seriously refreshing. Plus there’s an option to spike yours with rum, gin, vodka or whiskey if you’re feeling cheeky.

4. Rainwater Sorbet from Murphy’s

Sneak peak behind the ice cream cabinet in our Dingle shop. 🙂 #dingle #icecream #ireland

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The raspberry flavour is bae, though we’re partial to some baked banana too.

5. Frozen Margarita from 777

Yes, a cocktail is technically a dessert… or a starter… or the main event. These bad boys are two for one every Monday, so grab a pal and chill the F out.

6. Iced Chocolate from Butler’s Chocolate Café

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Who said your hot chocolate addiction was only acceptable in winter? Add some ice cold milk and you’ve got yourself an incredibly indulgent summer treat.