7 Tips To Help You Sleep In This Godforsaken Heat


Over the past few weeks, Ireland has been ‘enjoying’ some warm weather. But the sun hasn’t really been out, oh no. We’ve had all the heat and humidity and mugginess without any sunshine. Isn’t that nice?

All this has made it pretty difficult to get to sleep at night – and if you’re about to go out of your mind, here are some tips to keep cool in the leaba.

Have a cold shower before bed

Getting your body temperature as cool as possible before you go to sleep could be the key to a peaceful kip.

Don’t sleep in the nip

As tempting as it can be to whip everything off, you’ll only wake up in the middle of the night absolutely drenched. Wear cotton jammies to draw the sweat away from the body and keep you cool – sleep on your side if you can to expose more of your body to the air.

Head downstairs

Heat rises, so if your bedroom is upstairs you’re gonna face the reality of that. Sleep on the sofa if you can, or haul your mattress downstairs. It ain’t glam, but look, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Make a ‘cold water bottle’ out of rice

Fill a sock with some rice, throw it in the freezer, then use it to cool yourself down as the need arises. And you won’t even need to worry about it melting everywhere on you.

Alternatively, you can buy one of those gel eye masks from Penneys and stick it in the freezer, then wear it to bed. De-puffing your eyes AND cooling your face – two birds, one stone.

Spritz your sheets with cold water

Then keep the bottle beside your bed so you can freshen up your blankets (and your face) during the night.

DIY some air con

Rinse a towel or cloth with cold water, wring it out good and well, and hang it over your fan or in front of an open window. The air will pick up the cool moisture of the towel, making everything a little less clammy.

Break up with your SO

Only joking. But you know… they do carry a lot of heat. So if it gets too much, sleeping apart for a night or two might be a good option.


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