Always Hungry? This New Food Trend Will Make You VERY Happy!

*orders everything*

Salads and energy balls from Sprout

Ah, food. It’s a subject we never get bored of and the more we know about it the better. With that in mind, wait till you hear about the new foodie trend sweeping through the country!

Enter ‘snack time’. It comes between lunch time and dinner time, and between dinner time and supper time, for those of us who get peckish between meals.

Our pals over at Deliveroo did some research and they found that there’s been a global rise of 45 per cent in snack ordering, with the most popular time to order being between 3pm–3:15pm on weekdays and 9:30pm-9:45pm at weekends.

People are having everything from milk and cookies from the Dublin Cookie Co. to smoothies and energy balls from Sprout delivered to their door when they need a little boost. Need a quick sandwich but don’t have fresh bread in the house? You can now have that delivered too, and now with no minimum spend, you can order just a snack, anytime!

This is a trend we are fully on board with… are you?

To order, visit now, or download the Deliveroo app from the App Store or Google Play Store by clicking the links below:


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