Dublin’s First Non-Alcoholic Bar Is Opening This Weekend

A recent study revealed that Irish women are the fourth heaviest drinkers in the world. Only women in Lithuania, Moldova and the Czech Republic drink more than us, according to a global study by Lancet medical journal of 189 countries Lancet medical journal.

Overall, Ireland ranks fifth with 40% of Irish people are classed as binge drinkers.

It could be argued that now is the perfect time for a non-alcoholic bar to open in the capital.


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We make alcohol-free drinks like these. What’s your superpower? #tvm #drinkdifferent #openingsoon

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Aptly named, The Virgin Mary will open it’s doors on Friday and serve alcoholic free beers, wines, spirits and cocktails. You’ll find the trendy looking bar with fancy light features and striking wall-paper on Capel Street.

Speaking about the business, owner Vaughan Yates thinks there is definitely a place for this type of bar among the others.

“There’s a bit of a culture shift, people are becoming more aware of what they’re consuming,” he told the Guardian.

He also praised the idea of it being a less noisy, and less chaotic environment for people to chat.

“Here you can still be having a conversation at 10 o’clock and still be making sense.”

Look, it’s definitely no  harm for us to hang out more at night without the assumption of alcohol, but do you reckon you could persuade your friends to meet you at The Virgin Mary for an alcohol free G&T? Time will tell…

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