From ASOS to Aldi: The Best Homeware Bits On A Budget For Small Spaces

Little changes like this can make a huge difference!

Whether you’re renting, you own a home or you have yet to fly the nest, there is something lovely about making a space your own.

For years, we’d associate interior design and homeware as something expensive and as a luxury. Now though, thanks to our favourite shops bringing out homeware collections, and Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube providing us with plenty of inspiration, it’s never been easier to make your home look fab without spending a fortune.

We’ve put together our favourite bits currently on the market, in store and online, to help you to make sure your space feels like your own, and we’ve kept it under €35, so it doesn’t break the bank.

Velvet and Gold Footstools, €34.99, Aldi

A footstool can be so handy when it comes to small spaces. When you haven’t got enough room for another chair but need another spot to sit on/rest your legs on/leave things on, a little one like this is perfect. The colour and gold details make it expensive looking, and the velvet texture will help make any room cosy. Add it to your sitting room and find a spot where it was become multi-use, or pop it in your bedroom to make the space more than just the place you sleep. There are so many poufs and footstools on the market, but it’s rare you’d find such a lovely one for such a good price.

Grey faux fur rug, €34.56, ASOS

It may technically be summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your house cosy and warm for evenings in. A faux fur rug is perfect if you’re working with a small space that you can’t change too much due to landlords/parents or even budget. Adding a faux fur rug can help add a richness to any room, and a grey one is versatile and can go with any colour if you decide to switch up other aspects of the room.


Bath Mat €15.50, Next

Bathrooms can be the most difficult spaces to do up, because without retiling, changing the bathtub or adding new faucets, it’s hard to make a huge difference, and more often than not we’re limited with space. Which is why a fun, colourful bath mat can be the quickest and easiest way to brighten up the space.

Potted Plants, from €3, Penneys

Adding plants to any room in your house can help brighten up any room and make your home feel more lived in. When you can, opt for real plants in pretty pots, because the plants will grow and bloom and change, rather than gather dust. That said, there are plenty of gorgeous fake plants available now that look like the real deal and are less effort. Whichever you decide to go with, an assortment of sizes and pots on a bedroom windowsill, sitting room shelf, or even in the bathroom can make a huge difference.

Cushions, from €4.99 H&M 

We don’t need to tell you that cushions are a great addition to your home. But there’s absolutely not need to spend a lot of money on pretty patterns. H&M currently have an array of options for as little as €4.99. If you’re worried about your space never looking quite right, in terms of a theme, cushions can be a great way to pull it all together. Have a look a which colour threads throughout the room and opt for cushions with a splash of the same.

Candles, €15.95, The Handmade Soap Company 

If cushions were an obvious piece of advice, candles will hardly shock you. But the trick is getting the right candle, with a smell you love so that you can associate downtime with a pleasant smell. Opt for natural ones like The Handmade Soap Company that are better for you, and the environment. We love the Lemongrass and Cedarwood, and the Grapefruit and May Chang.