Here’s How To Combat Digestive Discomfort Post Party Season!

Three Irish women have tried and tested Alflorex - these are the results!

There’s nothing like Christmas party season! Glitter, glam, fun and frolics – it’s the time of year when having a good time isn’t restricted to Saturday nights and everyone is in good form. However, if you suffer from IBS, it can add an element of worry to the festive fun. The food and drinks at parties can leave you suffering with digestive discomfort.

Enter Alflorex®, a daily supplement that promises to help with digestive health problems like abdominal pain, discomfort and bloating, as well as unpredictable bowel movements.

It’s a live culture from PrecisionBiotics® that you take once a day, with OR without food, to help combat the symptoms. It contains a unique type of healthy gut bacteria to tackle the nasty side effects of IBS.

We asked three STELLAR readers, all of whom struggle with their digestive health, to trial Alflorex® for one month. Here’s how they got on…


Aged: 39
Condition: I suffer with IBS for nearly 15 years.
What made you decide to try Alflorex®? A friend recommended it.
How long have you been taking it? One month.

What symptoms trouble you the most ?
My symptoms are cramps, diarrhoea and intestine cramping.

Have you taken anything else for your symptoms?
I have taken Colofac before but I am not currently taking it.

Results of Alflorex®:
Alflorex® has made a big difference, particularly in the last two weeks. I have little or no cramps and I feel my IBS overall has improved, so as you can imagine this is brilliant for me. My bloating has improved so much that, at the moment, I have none. I feel more confident going out for dinner knowing that in the last two weeks I’m not getting cramps after eating. My sister also suffers from IBS and I have recommended her to try Alflorex®.



Aged: 30
Condition: Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.
What made you decide to try Alflorex®? I had gotten it all under control for 6-7 months and was off all meds, only to unfortunately have a flare up in September as a result of the interference of a colonoscopy and biopsy (so back on all meds again).
How long have you been taking it? One month.

What symptoms trouble you the most?
I would suffer from bad bloating, cramps and would have to go to the toilet a lot throughout the day (unfortunately passing a lot of blood).

Have you taken anything else for your symptoms?
Slippery Elm which is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Results of Alflorex®:
I notice a big difference taking Alflorex® in regards to increased energy levels and less bloating, so much so that I have recommended them to a few of my class/personal training clients who suffer with IBS symptoms.



Aged: 35
Condition: IBS.
What made you decide to try Alflorex®? Having suffered with IBS for many years and tried many things to ease my symptoms. It is very hard to find anything that makes a difference.
How long have you been taking it? One month.

What symptoms trouble you the most?
Very bad acidic pains which happen sporadically.

Have you taken anything else for your symptoms?
I have taken Omeprazole medication to help manage the acid pains.

Results of Alflorex®:
Generally my stomach has felt more settled with less acidic attacks in the period.


Alflorex® is the No 1 Gastroenterologist recommended live culture in the US* and has been voted the winner of Best Gastrointestinal Product for 3 years in a row at the Irish Pharmacy News OTC Awards.

Alflorex® is available in pharmacies and health food stores nationwide –  RRP €32.95

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