Here’s What Team STELLAR Is Loving This Week

Back again for another week...

The weekend is here, and you know what that means – it’s time for a comprehensive list of everything that Team STELLAR is loving this week.

Spring has officially sprung (sort of), and to celebrate we’ve been enjoying a whole plethora of events, products, and others bits to get us in the not-that-freezing mood.

This is them.

Jade H is loving… Daffodils

The core marker of the beginning of spring, truly.

Friday, March 24th is Daffodil Day, so make sure you’re doing your bit today to support the Irish Cancer Society, which you can do so directly here. 

FREENOW has also committed to donating €1 from every trip taken today to help raise vital funds for the Irish Cancer Society.

Through this initiative, they aim to raise a minimum of €50,000 for the charity to support those living with cancer – they also sent STELLAR HQ some beautiful daffodils this week (above) to mark the campaign.

It’s safe to say we can’t wait until they bloom.

Jade C is loving… Ian McKellen


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What an icon honestly! This week I was invited down to the Bord Gais Energy Theatre to see Mother Goose, which stars Ian McKellen and John Bishop. John wasn’t able to be on the night I went but his understudy was brilliant.

The show was a panto, like a full “he’s behind you” panto and it was great craic. I even got sprayed with a water gun by an actor who was in Pirates of the Caribbean and The Hobbit, that’s how brilliantly bizarre it was.

But the star of the show for sure was Ian McKellen. Ian played mother goose herself, so he was in some gorgeous gowns throughout the show. The costumes were spectacular. He even stripped down to lingerie and took his bra off. Did I ever think I’d see Gandalf singing “I’m to sexy”? No, but am I glad I did? 100%.

The show is perfect for kids but filled with plenty of jokes for the adult audience that’ll have you in stitches. Ian even had the cast laughing on stage, which was all part of its charm.

You can catch it this weekend, check out tickets here.

Lorna is loving… Lash Star Beauty Mascara


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I’m very picky when it comes to mascara. I love a lengthening and volumising formula but absolutely detest anything that leaves clumps in it’s wake. Que a mass declutter of mascaras that just do absolutely nothing for me. There’s only 2 mascaras I have loved in the past 10 years and this is one of them.

Lash Star Beauty is a New York based brand with an Irish founder – we love suporting Irish women in business – and let me say she knows what she’s doing. Orla decided to create Lash Star Beauty after many years as the Bookings Director at Cosmopolitan magazine, she saw the confidence boost women got from having their lashes done. Focusing on the mascara unlike a lot of beauty brands Orla set out to create the best one possible.

It truly is my favourite mascara, I’ve gone through 6 tubes in the past few years and will continue to repurchase it again and again

*snaps for you guys*

Jade H is loving… Chocolate – lots of it

Easter is just around the corner, so if you haven’t already started eating an abundance of chocolate, you best get on it.

It may seem impossible for Team STELLAR to choose their favourite Easter eggs, but listen, we’re going to give it a shot – especially seeing as Baileys has once again dropped their strawberries and cream white chocolate egg onto shelves, and it’s safe to say, we’re obsessed.

Irish chocolatier Lir have got a whole range of hand-made eggs (Baileys themed and otherwise) ideal for celebrating Easter this year.

Just make sure you don’t keep them all for yourself. Or do, if you want – whichever.


Jade C is loving… Huge pearl earrings

Did Love Island just bring back pearls? I think they might have!

I nabbed a pair of giant pearl earrings for a recent wedding and I have been loving styling them since. They give that vintage feeling but make modern outfits look effortlessly cool.

This week I wore them to the office paired with a pair of giant sunglasses because we saw some sun (finally). Just thought I’d fill yous in if you’re looking for a Spring accessory.

Lorna is loving… Magic hair tools

I have no other words but magical to describe it! The GHD Duet Styler quite literally takes your hair from wet to dry! I was sceptical too. I was afraid to try it out in case it fried my hair from root to tip, spoiler it doesn’t.

Thankfully GHD invited me in to try it out, meaning I got to try it out but could let someone else who knew what they were doing do it for me.

I have to say it was incredibly easy to do and I genuinely don’t think my hair has ever been as smooth as that day. I had been planning on making an appointment for a haircut but after the styling session with GHD I realised that it was perfectly healthy afterall. The softness and shine were other worldly and it made my hair feel extremely light something I’ve never been able to say before.

Bravo GHD

Jade H is loving… Coke

Coca-Cola to you. This week, Cola-Cola launched Coca-Cola Movement, a new limited edition Coca-Cola Creations can and flavour that was designed in collaboration with popstar Rosalía.

To celebrate, they threw a party in Dublin’s Lost Lane, complete with class merch and of course, tasty Coke-tails. Rosalía even released a brand-new song ‘LLYLM (Lie Like You Love Me)’ to accompany the launch. Glam.


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