Retro Flame’s Erika Fox Shares Eerie Image From Deserted Brooklyn Bridge

"It’s a scary scary time"


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As one of the global hotspots for coronavirus at present, New York’s latest statistics reveal that almost 60,000 people have contracted the virus.

Jumping up by 7,200 cases in one day over the weekend, the city, alongside the rest of the world is in lockdown as we fight together to try and flatten the curve.

And as many people have returned home to isolate, Retro Flame’s Erika Fox has chosen to stay in New York and admits that the city has never been as quiet in all her years of living there.

“We live right by Brooklyn bridge and walk it at least once a week. Never in all my years here have I seen it like this on our walk last night.”

Continuing, she added that it’s a scary time right now but we’ll get through it once we all “keep doing our best.”


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Louise Cooney on the other hand decided last week to leave New York and return to Ireland.

Having only moved over to New York at the end of last year, Louise revealed on Instagram that she felt unsafe in the city at present and so, decided to move home alongside her dog, Cooper.

“Pressing pause on the New York dream for now… not the year I planned, like a lot of people, but NY will always be here.. much bigger things going on in the world right now. It’s time to go home.”


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Louise is currently self-isolating away from her family in Doolin, Co Clare. Revealing that she’s excited to see them again in 14 days, she’s going to be spending this time taking a break from social media.