Some Of The Most Affordable Cities You Can Visit This Summer

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Planning a holiday can be overwhelming, time-consuming and expensive. Where do you go to relax and enjoy a few days away without having to take out a loan? Usually by the time you’ve figured out where to go for the best value, the summer is over!

Not to worry, according to the Post Office Travel Money’s annual report, there is a selection of beautiful places to holiday this year that won’t break the bank.

The UK-based Post Office Travel Money’s City Costs Barometer for 2023 uses several tourism features to calculate the best-value holiday destinations. The price of a three-course meal, travel card, and tickets to major attractions are totalled and then combined with the average price of a two-night stay at a three-star accommodation.

Based on this research here are some of the most affordable places for you to visit this summer to make sure you can enjoy your holiday without breaking the bank. Who knows – you might even end up coming home with something!

1) Lisbon, Portugal 

With a coffee only costing €1.55, Portugal’s capital city is named the most affordable place in Europe to visit this summer. This is the first time the city has hit the top of the Post Office Travel Money’s annual report.

If you decide to take the flight over to the sunny shores of Portugal then you will be happy to know that it’s not only the coffee that is affordable. With a bottle of 330ml bottle of local beer costing €2.60 and a three-course meal with a bottle of wine costing €44.90,  your night out will cost less than your weekly shop back home.

Two nights in the vibrant city will only set you back a total of €260. Why not spend a few days paddling in crisp blue oceans and relaxing with a refreshing drink?

2) Vilnius, Lithuania 

Take a trip down to the Baltic coastline and enjoy everything Lithuania’s capital city has to offer for only €263. Vilnius is overflowing with tradition and stories from its rich history. Since the cultural attractions costs as little as €18, when visiting the “old town” you can do more than admire the original architecture and cobble stoned streets.

This historical city is full of cultural experiences, beautifully traditional food and crystal clear oceans, so whether you’re looking for a beach side reset or an activity filled city break, Vilnius is the perfect affordable get away.

3) Krakow, Poland

The most popular city in Poland can be expensive if you haven’t done your research, but with the right knowledge you can enjoy Krakow on a budget. If you know how to go about it, a two night trip to Krakow will cost less than €300.

Accommodation in the Polish city is generally around €150 for a short trip, but they can shoot up by at least 25% during peak months. To make the most of the summer months make sure to shop around for the best deals and try scheduling your trip during the shoulder season; mid- March to May or September to October.

Take advantage of the amazing street food dotted around the city. Of course we all love a meal out in a restaurant but with stalls on virtually every street, you could do a walking tour of the city solely based around the street food carts, and you definitely won’t go hungry.

4) Athens, Greece

Yes, you can live out your Mamma Mia fantasy without spending every penny in your account! With the price of accommodation ranked as on of the lowest in Europe, and a huge choice of traditional Greek food to choose from starting at as little as €5 per person, you can bask in the sun of the Greek Islands without having to worry about running out of money.

And it will definitely be Instagram worthy.

5) Riga, Latvia 


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This bustling city full of music, cheap booze and beautiful buildings is perfect for budget friendly travelers. The city isn’t a typical tourist destination so flights are a little limited, but if you plan ahead you should be able to find something within your price range. To visit Riga comfortably it’ll cost around €60 per day. This includes your accommodation, transport, food and activities.

Also known as the Art Nouveau capital of the world, Riga is full of detailed architecture, cultural experiences and immersive attractions. This city break is most definitely a hidden gem that you need to see.


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