People Swear By This Viral DIY Plant Pot Heater

But it comes with a serious health and safety warning

As the cost of living crisis continues to creep into our everyday lives, many people are looking for alternatives to basic things as a way to pinch the pennies.

One of those basic necessities is heating. As we approach the winter months many people will be second-guessing switching on their electric or gas heating. This is due to the rising cost in fuel, with many experts warning us that this year’s household bills are set to be the highest we’ve ever seen.

One hack going viral for promising to cut living costs is the ‘DIY plant pot heater’. Doing the rounds on social media, many are praising the hack for how effective it is.

@emmahord4 dot these around your home for extra heat, with energy prices soaring, these heaters are perfect, just use candles #terracottaheater #heating #energypricesuk #viral #fup #foryourpage #risingbills #inflation ♬ original sound – Emmah Ord

The trick involves two very simple things, a clay plant pot and some tealight candles. Videos on social media show how the hack works, with there being many different variations. The most popular shows a medium-sized terracotta pot turned upside down and elevated with different materials such as bricks or a metal stand, underneath, tea lights are lit on a heatproof surface such as a chopping board.

The pot can apparently heat up a small room. It works by the pot storing and then slowly releasing heat, distributing it evenly throughout the room rather than simply rising to the ceiling where it’s lost.

However, it’s very important to consider the health and safety warnings that come with the hack. Many have urged the public to be careful if creating a heater of their own as it could pose a safety hazard. As it involves a naked flame, the heater should never be left unattended and children and pets should be supervised around it at all times.

When handling the pot it’s also important that heatproof gloves are used as it can cause serious burns. Your spoke detector and carbon monoxide monitor should also be up to date in your home.