PSA: White Chocolate Coco Pops Are Now A Thing


Coco Pops were always the most desirable cereal when we were kids, and as adults we still enjoy a hearty bowl every so often.

Which is why we were extremely excited to hear that Kellogg’s has launched a white chocolate version of the classic breakfast. Would you be well?

The brand said that the new cereal was created in response to customers on social media, which just goes to show that making noise on Instagram works (if only the same could be said for our persistent calls to bring back the Mars Delight).

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WHITE CHOCOLATE COCO POPS are now available in the U.K. and they actually taste like white chocolate!!! I’ve literally waited all my life for Kellogg’s to make these and finally my dream has come true ? If you are a fellow white chocolate lover you need these ASAP! Swipe for a video and sound on on for the snap, crackle and pop ? I found these in @asda but they will also be available in @tescofood ? #food #foodie #foodgasm #foodporn #foodgasm #cereal #whitechocolate #chocolate #chocolatelover #strongnotskinny #iifym #cereal #newfood #foodstagram #new #kelloggs #carbs #breakfast #dessert #desserts #junkfood #cheatmeal #treat #instafood #balance #cereal #foodstagram #yummy #delicious #review #newfood #candy #video #dessertporn #cocopops

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Kellogg’s food technician Sara Ashley said:

We had the idea to make a white chocolate-flavoured Coco Pops when working in our food development kitchen on a new reduced sugar recipe for the original Coco Pops cereal. We knew fans were asking for it so we developed a prototype, which uses three basic ingredients, and tried it out with Kellogg’s staff who loved it.

And now they have shared it with the rest of us. White Choc Coco Pops will be available in supermarkets this month for the princely sum of €4.09.

But what does it taste like? Well, according to the team at Metro who got an early taste test, it’s very sweet – so maybe not for those who prefer a savoury breakfast. We’re still eager to try, though…


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