Skinny Prosecco Is A Thing Now And Friday Night Just Got 100% Better

Only 67 cals per 100ml? SOLD.


If you’re dieting, you probably already know that most sugar-packed cocktails are out, but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch ALL the fun drinks.

One genius company has launched the first ever Skinny Prosecco, and we are dying to try it out.

The new bubbly recipe has just 67 calories per 100ml, and half the sugar of normal Prosecco. Plus, it’s also organic AND vegan. Quite literally the perfect drink.

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Skinny Prosecco is the second low-calorie fizz to be masterminded by UK company Thomson & Scott, who also recently launched a Skinny Champagne. All your party favourites, just skinny-fied.

Amanda Thomson, co-founder of the company, says that low-sugar drinks are the “way forward,” and we totally agree – especially if they still taste as good as the full-sugar versions.

Skinny Prosecco is currently only available in the UK, but Amanda has confirmed to Daily Edge that she’s been in contact with some potential Irish stockists.

And if you’re planning a blow-out party, you can order cases of six bottles to Ireland for €134 apiece. More information here.