4 Activities To Do On A Wine Night In With The Girls


Girls’ night is a necessity and so is the occasional glass of wine. So why not mix the two? It sounds like a combo of dreams.

Even better, try wine night… with a twist.

Picture this; you and the girls, sitting on the sofa in loungewear, sipping on your favourite wine, having debriefs, playing games, baking, cooking, and getting artsy.

Sometimes all your mind needs to reset is a wholesome night with your besties.

We have rounded up a list of ways to add a little flair to your girly evenings. So, without further ado, here are activities to do on wine night with the girls.

Games Night

Let’s start with a classic. You absolutely cannot go wrong with a game’s night… and with a bottle of your favourite wine… it’s a recipe for great entertainment. So simple, affordable, and sure to keep you and the girls in convulsions.

If you’re a board game wizard, then Monopoly is always a shout.

30 Seconds is a personal fave if you’re a sucker for general knowledge.

If you want to make things more social then Wavelength or Two Truths and a Lie are a fun, light-hearted go-to.

Side note: never underestimate the fun that can be had with a good old deck of cards.


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Painting Wine Glasses

This has got to be the winner… and it goes hand in hand with a bottle of wine.

Painting wine glasses is an activity that has been trending on TikTok for some time now and I can completely see why. Getting together with friends and creating unique, little pieces of art that you can clink and cheers with. Adorable!

A bonus is that it’s the perfect keepsake.

What do you need?

  • A wine glass for each of the girls. Don’t forget one for yourself!
  • Paint Palettes
  • Paint… Acrylic Enamel paint works best for glass surfaces.
  • Mod Podge… for everlasting designs.
  • Paint brushes
  • A bunch of flowers if you’re feeling aesthetic.
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Blind Wine Tasting

For all the boujie gals.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to wine, and wine tasting can be an enjoyable experience if you are a lover of it.

An even more entertaining concept is blind wine tasting.

This activity involves everyone bringing their own, hand-picked bottle, each wrapped in brown packaging so that you can’t see the label or who brought it.

Everyone must keep a score sheet where they rate each bottle of wine on taste out of 10.

Adding the scores together, the highest-ranked bottle is the winner. Let’s see who has the best taste in wine!

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Make Your Own Board

Finally, we have board night… for when you need wine and a munch.

Honestly, what is wine night without a board of treats to pick off?

You can have fun with this activity by making it themed or having each of your girls bring something different to the table. Get creative!

Have someone make the classic cheese board, another with a healthy board, and of course one with an array of sweet treats. It’s all about balance.

If you’re feeling competitive then, each of you could bring a board of a similar theme and see whose presentational skills pop off.

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Words by Shauna Whyte