Aldi Is Dropping An Inflatable Spa Pool For Your Pleasure During Quarantine

Pass the vino.

The temperature is getting hotter, blue skies are beginning to emerge and we’re starting to feel those summer vibes creeping in despite the fact we’re currently locked indoors.

But as we’ve learned, being at home can be productive. From reorganising your wardrobe to giving the gaff a spring clean, finally getting around to washing those makeup brushes (see here), or learning a new skill, there’s plenty we can be doing to keep ourselves preoccupied, it’s just all about creating a routine and sticking to it.

However, for those who are missing the luxuries, you might be pleased to see the most boujee item that’s about to drop in Aldi.

An inflatable spa pool for your back garden, complete with cup holders for your cocktail.

Yep, we told you it was boujee. Dropping on Thursday, April 2, at all Aldi stores, the spa pool comes with control panels for automatic heating, a lockable pool cover to ensure safety and reduced heating cost plus, an advanced water conditioning system to reduce calcium build-up.

At €399.99, it also comes at quite a boujee cost, but look, if you factor in on all the brunches you would usually be attending RN, it might work out as a saving, right?

We will tell ourselves that’s the case anyways.

And speaking of items we’re tempted to splurge on, we’re living for spring pieces for the house right now. Being trapped inside really does bring out those interior designer “skills”.

How divine is this rattan seat for a cute nook in the sitting room or conservatory?

The chair can be purchased online at H&M Home for €219.99.

And lastly, the third piece that we’re eyeing up is this incredible print from Desenio. Anyone who is familiar with Desenio will know of their incredible bank of prints that you could spend hours scrolling through.

This one is very appropriate for the given time.

And for less than €11, a barg too!

Gals, you never know, before this lockdown is over we could all be living in seriously decked out gaffs. One can dream, eh?