Five Books That Will Help Prepare You For Life After Quarantine

Looking for your next page-turner?

Reading a book is one of the purest forms of escapism and for many, it’s their sole purpose for doing so.

However, sometimes we forget to think of all the books out there, all the other genres beyond fiction – ones that can actually teach us something, help us solve personal problems and improve our daily outlook on life. Books that are certainly worth a read as we take a moment to slow down. A moment to reflect on ourselves and develop as individuals, whether that’s emotionally, spiritually or in terms of confidence.

You may not think you would be able to work through some of life’s issues with just the aid of a book but its possible, and in the future if that problem occurs again, you can always refer back to that book to help you get through it again.

Therefore, if you’re on the hunt for a read that’s a little more reflective and personal, I present you with these modern day bibles for owning life and preparing for that return to normality, whenever it may be.

You Are a Badass – Jen Sincero

Have you always wanted to change a part of your life but have always been too afraid of being caught out doing it? If so, this is the book for you. In twenty seven chapters it aims to help you identify and change the self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours that stop you from getting what you want, allowing you to be free to create a life you really love. This book will enable you to understand why you are how you are, how to love what you can’t change about yourself and life and how to change what you don’t love. This book gives the reader the kick in the behind that many of us need to make the changes we long for in our lives. What better time to start working on these changes then quarantine? Be the change you want to see and be it now.

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Lost Connections – Johann Hari

Depression and anxiety are now at epidemic levels. Why? In this book Johann Hari takes you through his research into depression and offers a completely new way of looking at it. It looks at the way we live, the causes of depression and what we can do to find hope again. Like many people suffering from depression, Johann Hari spent many years taking antidepressant drugs but to no avail. By looking deeper into the nine causes of depression, Johann Hari hopes to find more realistic solutions. This book is the perfect lockdown read as it can not only help you cope with what is happening at the moment but also with future hardships that may stem from the coronavirus pandemic.

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The Confidence Kit – Caroline Foran

Everyone wants to have self-confidence, yet it is something that a lot of us struggle with on a day to day basis and can never quite seem to get a grasp of. Whether it is in a work setting, a friendship setting or a romantic relationship setting – there are endless situations where we can let our fear and self-doubt get the better of us and subsequently ruin a potential experience or opportunity. In ‘The Confidence Kit’ author and journalist Caroline Foran teaches the reader techniques to own their own fears and anxieties. The book is full of Caroline’s own humour while also containing mountains of expert input and practical advice. If you want to come out of lockdown more well equipped to handle your anxieties and fears that are holding you back then this is the book for you.

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What I know for Sure – Oprah Winfrey

There are very few people that you could say the name Oprah Winfrey too and they wouldn’t be able to tell you who she is. An icon, a champion for women and a history maker as becoming the USA’s only African-American billionaire she has left her mark on the world. Through her career over fourteen years she shared in ‘O’, The Oprah Magazine ‘s widely popular ‘What I Know For Sure’ column, a monthly source of inspiration and revelation. These pieces have now been organised by theme, revised and placed into a beautiful hardback book that you will no doubt return to again and again. The book aims to guide the reader to becoming their best version of themselves while also showing them an insight into the extraordinary mind of one of the world’s most influential women.

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Atomic Habits – James Clear

In this book world-renowned habits expert James Clear teaches the reader how minuscule changes can grow into life-altering outcomes. When we think of changing our lives we usually think big, we think drastic and we usually think of changes that for the average person are unrealistic and unattainable. Not only packed with advice and expert input, throughout the book James tells the stories of many extremely successful individuals who have used the science of tiny habits to stay productive, motivated, and happy. If you want to change your life in a way that you will stick to then you need to read this book.

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Words by Nicky Anderson 

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