Heinz Has Released A Ketchup Puzzle And It’s Literally Just A Red Rectangle

Well, it'll definitely keep you busy anyway

Flicking through Instagram stories these days, it seems like almost everyone is doing puzzles these days. Making an unexpected resurgence, many of us are doing all we can to keep the minds occupied during this time.

From your average flower fields to quirky pop-culture ones, there’s a puzzle for almost everyone out there, but the only issue is with so much practice, they kind of begin to get a little too easy.

Que Heinz.

If you’re on the hunt for a challenge, the famous ketchup brand has released a 570 piece puzzle, with every single piece in their notable tomato red shade. It also comes with absolutely no instructions, so you can look forward to spending the next two weeks working tirelessly on it.

The puzzle however was created not as a torture device, but as a way to help out charities at this time, with proceeds going towards food banks across America and Canada.

The bad news (or the good news, we’re really not sure) is that the infamously ‘slow’ puzzle is not yet available in Ireland, with them currently only catering to the American and Canadian market.

Looks like we’ll just have to wait a little longer to drive ourselves mad with this.