The Best Hot Chocolate Bombs To Treat Yourself To This Season

Talk about bougie

It’s that time of year where we would like to wrap in the cosiest nook with your favourite book or film, with a warm cup of chocolatey joy.

You could add something a little more dramatic and indulgent to this cosy classic with a chocolate bomb. We’re all scrimping on the heating this year, opting for blankets and hot water bottles instead, so these are perfect to keep you warm and happy as the winter months creep in.

All you have to do is simply pour some hot milk or water over the perfect chocolate sphere filled with some tiny fluffy surprises. They’re great for those who love a social media moment too, so be sure to have the phone on record as you pour away.

They burst onto the scene in the last year or so, there are tonnes on the market to choose from now.

Here are 5 of our favourites to pick up during your next shop.

Baileys Chocolate Bombe

Martin’s Chocolatier Hot Chocolate Bombs

Rudolph Reindeer Hot Chocolate And Marshmallow Bombe

Cocoba Reindeer Hot Chocolate And Marshmallow Bombe

Butlers Hot Chocolate Drink Cups

Butlers Hot Chocolate Drink Cups

Buttermilk Hot Choccy Bombe

Buttermilk Hot Choccy Bombe - 57g


Written by Rebekah O’Reilly