Still Love A Cosy Night In? Here’s Our Chill Night Essentials

Why go out out when you could stay in in


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As the dark and cold set in for the coming winter, the idea of venturing outside becomes much more daunting. Instead we want to stay in, wrapped up all warm and cosy – with the beauty of doing it this year being, we have the choice to. Honestly, FOMO isn’t even a problem when you’re comfy enough.

If you’re like us and are jumping onto your sofa and under your blanket at any chance you get, here are the necessities to ensure you enjoy a quiet night in.


Literally described as a wearable blanket, the oodie is the cosiest item to take over TikTok. They’ve probably been all over your FYP, but if not, all you need to know is that they’ll keep you comfy.

Oodie, The Oodie, €95

Ugg Slipper

Who wants high heels when you could be wearing fluffy slippers? Save your feet the pain and slip on a pair of Ugg Slides to feel like you’re walking on a cloud all night.

Oh Yeah Panther Print Slide, Ugg, €110


No night in is complete without the cutest pair of jammies. This two-piece cotton set is absolutely adorable and is sure to help you unwind.

Pyjama shirt and bottoms, H&M, €19.99

Weighted Blanket 

Weighted blankets have been proven to help you relax and ensure a good nights sleep. Using deep pressure stimulation, they reduce stress hormones and increases levels of hormones that help you sleep.

Basic Weighted Blanket, Kocoono, €190


There is no such thing as cosy without candles, it’s a science. Neom candles are all organic, and they have some amazing scents. Their Christmas Wish is scented with mandarin, cinnamon, and tonka.

Christmas Wish Candle, Neom, €55

Pillow Spray

Make things a little bit more atmospheric with a nice relaxing pillow mist. Let the scents soothe you on your night at home.

Lavender Pillow Spray, Smug, €17.50

Fluffy Socks 

Nothing keeps your feet warm like a pair of fluffy. These Skechers Go Lounge socks are the most luxurious pair about.

GO LOUNGE Furry Crew Socks, Skechers, €23

Written by Sláine McKenna