Stressed? This Ancient Retreat Will Calm You Down STAT – And You Can Experience It Right Here In Ireland

Linda Conway headed to Monart Destination Spa to find balance with a tradition that spans 2000 years.

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What’s the perfect antidote to everyday stress? Maybe it’s chocolate, a nap, or a catch up with a friend, or – our money’s on this one – perhaps it’s a weekend with the Masters of Shaolin.

For the uninitiated, the Shaolin Masters served the people of china as warriors and Buddhist monks in a tradition that goes back as far as 2000 years.

But the obvious question: how does this ancient Eastern practice relate to you and your hectic lifestyle? Well, it focuses on improving your health and well-being for one, and it promises to help you achieve a balance in life for another, making it the perfect way to decompress from all the stresses of your 9-5.

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Interested? The really great news is that this ancient tradition has come to Ireland, with Master Yang and Master Ma from the Henan Province in China inviting Irish guests to join them for a weekend retreat featuring meditation, Tai Chi, Qi-Gong and massage in Wexford’s Monart Destination Spa.

Sounds amazing, right? I thought so too, so naturally, when team STELLAR were invited to try out this luxury retreat, I jumped at the opportunity.

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So what can you expect from a weekend of Shaolin tucked away in County Wexford?

Well to really set a relaxing weekend in motion, I was first encouraged to take a digital detox in order to completely switch off. Goodbye Instagram and Twitter!

Following this I experienced the renowned Shaolin warrior massage. Designed by the Shaolin to find areas of weakness this practice was historically used to ensure warriors could continue fighting throughout China. Hey, if it’s good enough for a warrior…

Next up was the Tai-Chi class. The practice is a series of slow movements and transitioning poses to promote strength and release tension. What I learnt? Taking a breather keeps you more focused. * signs up to Tai-Chi classes immediately.

Fancy a trip? During the Shaolin Experience guests can enjoy two nights accommodation with breakfast on each morning and dinner in the restaurant on one evening. Also included is an hour long Shaolin Warrior Massage and access to all of the Shaolin classes.

Outside of the classes and fine dining you have complete unrestricted access to the 2,000 square foot luxury thermal suite and relaxation areas too. Um, yes please.

Prices are from €309pps mid-week and €379pps weekend from September 16th to December 12th 2016. For further details see