Tesco Stores Across Ireland Are Being Transformed Into Museums Ahead Of International Women’s Day

They're partnering up with Women's Museum of Ireland to tell the stories of some amazing women.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Tesco Ireland is once again partnering with the Women’s Museum of Ireland, to curate a new exhibition celebrating noted Irish female trailblazers and is being showcased across stores from now onwards.

As you’re picking up your milk and bread, you’ll be able to see the stories of five remarkable women from a Dublin firefighter, a professional motor racing driver, the mother of Irish cookery, the first Irish woman to be called to the bar to an award-winning surgeon.

This includes Celina Barrett, who became one of Ireland’s first ever full-time female fire fighters back in 1994, who also set up the Women’s Fire Service Network last year to support women in the fire service and encourage others to join.

Rosemary Smith, the first Irish woman to break into the world of professional motor racing, beating all male driver to the finish in the Tulip Rally. Averil Deverell, one of the first female barristers ever to be called to the bar in Ireland or the UK.

Dr Emily Winifred Dickson, the first woman to hold a fellowship at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and one of the first women members of the British Medical Association. And finally Myrtle Allen, the first Irish woman to hold a Michelin Star and became known as the Mother of Modern Irish Cooking.

You’ll be able to see the exhibition in Tesco stores from today until Sunday 08th of March, and of course, the stories of each of these inspirational women will be told across social media too. You love to see it.


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