The Mad Story Of A Woman Who Swallowed Her Engagement Ring In Her Sleep Is Going Viral

Actual LOL.

A California woman dreamed that she swallowed her engagement ring… then woke up and realised she’d actually done it.

Jenna Evans has gone viral for sharing the wild story of how she ended up having her diamond ring removed from her intestines.

In a post on Facebook, she revealed that she actually remembered swallowing the ring, but thought she’d been dreaming, so went back to sleep.

“I don’t think [my husband] believed me right away. We laughed pretty hard for an hour and a half,” she wrote. “I went to urgent care were I struggled to explain why I was there, because I was laughing/crying so hard.”

The doctor ordered an X-ray and seemed pretty shocked when she walked back in with a second doctor and showed me that sure enough, my ring was right there in my stomach!

In case you’re doubtful, she has the X-rays to prove it:

It was decided that nature would not be allowed take its course (a diamond could cause all sorts of havoc down there) and an upper endoscopy would take care of everything.

“At this point, I could definitely feel it in my guts, it was starting to really hurt and make us nervous,” Jenna said. “I cried a lot because I would be SO MAD if I died.”

Like, same. Imagine your family having to explain that? Just no. The ring was located just beyond her stomach in her intestines, and entrusted to her fiancé (good thinking).

“Bobby finally gave my ring back this morning – I promised not to swallow it again, we’re still getting married, and all is right in the world,” she concluded. Her post now has over 61,000 shares on Facebook, with many engaged women pledging to never wear their rings to bed again.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what the hell she was dreaming about that made her swallow the ring in the first place:

I was having a dream that Bobby and I were in a very sketchy situation involving a high speed train and bad guys and he told me I had to swallow my ring to protect it; so I popped that sucker off, put it in my mouth and swallowed it with a glass of water riiiight about the time I realised what I was doing.

What a tale to tell the grandkids.


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