Twilight Fans Rejoice! You Can Now Rent Bella Swan’s House On Airbnb

Be honest, teen you would LOVE this!

Airbnb has given us the opportunity to stay in some very cool homes, from an actual tree house to the Spice Girl’s Bus from Spice World, and the latest one has Vampire fans VERY excited.

You’d be hard pressed to find a girl who wasn’t Twilight obsessed circa 2008 onwards.

Whether you were Team Jacob or Team Edward you probably read all the books and watched all the films the minute they came out in cinemas, and then over and over on DVD.

So imagine how your 15-year-old self would feel if she knew that you could one day stay in Bella’s actual home from the films.

Charlie Swan’s Forks home is actually in Saint Helens, Oregon IRL, but otherwise it’s pretty identical to how it was on screen.

The family who own the home has now put it on Airbnb for about €300 per night depeding on dates.

It’s a five bedroom house and fits up to 10 peope.

They owners have kept it to look just like it did in the film, including the green kitchen and Bella’s purple bedsheets.

It also features the fairy lights, orange lantern and antique mirror seen in the films.

We’ll just leave the window open so that Jacob or Edward can creep on in.

The room YOU could be sleeping in!

So gather your Edward and Bella obsessed friends and head to Portland for the ultimate Twilight experience.

We really hope the Cullen’s home is next to be added to Airbnb because that was a cool place!


Check out Charlie and Bella’s home here.