What Team STELLAR Is Loving This Week

What we are doing, talking about and obsessing over this week.

Snow? We thought it was getting warmer… Although, the days are still bright and who doesn’t love a crisp snowy walk? Let’s look on the bright side!

We’re still in our winter wardrobe no matter how much we want to be breaking out the skirts with no tights, but it’ll be a few weeks (months) longer for that.

Cosiness is key with weather like this, we’ve also be clinging on to our hot water bottles because they truly never fail to brighten up a dull day. Whether it’s at your desk, in front of the TV or in your bed to warm it up, they are such a simple treat.

Anyway, let’s get to our weekly favourites, it has been a busy one so we are dying to catch up! Enjoy x

Jade C is loving… Dessert

I am a sweet tooth girl through and through, but I also adore a dinner. So usually when I go out to a restaurant I enjoy the starters and mains first and don’t often have a chance to get dessert, even though I love it. I saw someone on Instagram say their new year’s resolution was to get dessert after dinner more and I love that idea. It’s such a little thing that brings me joy!

It was like Dominos read my mind this week when they came into the office with Paul Ryder and a delivery of their new desserts. Their Craicin’ Cookies, are exclusive to Ireland for St Patrick’s day and they are green! They taste as good as ever and have that little Irish twist. It was the perfect treat for the office cuppa and sticking to my new resolution, next time I’m getting Dominos the cookies are for sure on the order.

Jade H is loving… dental hygiene 

Hear me out. I’ve gotten super into dental hygiene lately. Like, really into it. If there’s anything more satisfying than having an incredibly clean mouth then I’d like to hear it.

Whipping out a bit of floss after a long, hard day has quickly become a personal highlight of my daily routine. No, this does not make me a loser, it makes me really cool, actually.

What makes me even cooler is the fact that my toothbrush is Spotlight’s new limited edition Morning Lilac Sonic Toothbrush. Not only does it give my teeth the best at-home clean of their lives, it also looks really damn pretty in my bathroom.

Lorna is loving… dating rumours

@sabrinaannlynnhq Them awww 🫶#sabrinacarpenter#shawnmendes#sabrinaandshawn#mileycyrus#endlesssummervacationreleaseparty#endlesssummervacationmileycyrus#emailsicantsend#emailsicantsendfwd#sabtok#carpenters#nonsenseoutro#celebrities#foryou#fypシ ♬ Nonsense – Sped Up Version – Sabrina Carpenter

I’m a sucker for celebrity dating drama, it’s the one piece of celebrity gossip I actually tune into. Add to that my love for a certain Canadian singer by the name of Shawn Mendes well you can imagine the gasps heard in my house as the videos rolled through the STELLAR gals WhatsApp chat of him and Sabrina Carpenter leaving Miley Cyrus’ album release party. I believe the 😱😱😱 is now my most used emoji as a result.

You can be guaranteed I will be glued to social media for the coming weeks as the latest gossip emerges, I’m truly invested! We’re not jumping to conclusions here they’re just hanging out for the minute but will we get a MetGala debut like he did with Hailey Baldwin when they briefly hung out prior to her engagement to Justin, well I for one can’t wait to see.

Jade C is loving… The Oscars hype


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It’s Oscars weekend and I truly feel like a member of my own family has been nominated with the amount of pride and excitement I feel for all the Irish nominees. We saw Paul’s family head over to the states on the exciting trip and we just can’t wait to see everyone on the red carpet.

Plus, with the controversial slap, last year’s Oscars was one for the books, will there be a viral moment this year? Hopefully not a violent one…

I will be staying up to watch the awards on Sunday night anyways so that we can provide you with the low-down of the winners and what went on, on Monday. Here’s hoping we have a good few Irish wins!

Jade H is loving… Food, lots of it

This week, STELLAR was invited to the Irish Food Writers Guild Awards, and let me tell you, the menu did not disappoint.

For an extended afternoon, Dublin’s Suesey Street played host to the annual awards ceremony as well as a beautiful four course meal, featuring produce from some of this year’s winners.

Smoked eel (above), whipped cheese, and bacon wrapped monkfish were just some of the delights on this year’s menu, as well as stunning wines, beers, and whiskeys from some of Ireland’s most celebrated producers. A life changing meal, truly.

Lorna is loving… Nashville

Nashville is a part of the US I’ve never had to pleasure of venturing to. It’s a seriously vibey spot with so much going for it, it’s been on my travel bucket list since I was 15-years-old. So when I was invited to meet with the Nashville tourism board this past week and attend a honky tonk event with live music, cracking southern food and some Nashville inspired cocktails well it just invoked an even bigger desire in me to visit the overly stereotyped city.

Who wouldn’t want to visit the home of not just country music but a host of genres from pop to gospel and rock to folk it truly is the music hub even out doing the like of New York and Los Angeles as many would think. I had the pleasure of chatting to the incredible Grammy winning singer/songwriter Emily Wesiband who shared so many incredible stories about the city and the Nashville tourism board who were able to tell me all about the places in the city that aren’t typical tourist traps.