How To Make Sure You’re Drinking Enough Water – Once And For All

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Staying hydrated is crucial to both our physical and mental health, as it flushes toxins from our body, helps us absorb nutrients and protects our organs and joints. Experts recommend that women should aim to be taking in about 2.7 litres of water a day, while men should aim for around 3.7 litres.

This seems like a lot, but around 20% of our daily water intake is through the food we eat. So, drinking water is super important, and for those who struggle to get those cups in every day, here are some tips to make it a little easier!

Drink A Glass Of Water First Thing In The Morning

Drinking water in the morning is important because throughout the night you become dehydrated as your empty stomach absorbs more water. Starting your day off with a nice cold glass of water will also set you on the right track for the day and motivate you to keep drinking water. 

Use Apps To Help Track Your Water Intake 

There are a range of apps that you can download that will help you to track how much water you’re drinking and set reminders for you throughout the day. Check out Plant Nanny Water Tracker Pal, an app that gives you an incentive to drink more water through cute little plants that you can water on the app. Alternatively, you can always set reminders and alarms on your phone, and why not add a positive message to each of them?

Add A Bit Of Flavour To Your Water 

If you’re not the biggest fan of plain water (it’s ok, we won’t judge) then it can be difficult to drink two litres of it a day. Try adding fruits into your water to give it some flavour. Fruits like berries and lemons are rich in antioxidants and they taste great in water! You can pop them into your glass or bottle on the spot, or leave them in water overnight to get the most out of their flavour.

Find some of our fav flavours here and here. 


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Get Yourself A Cute Water Bottle

This is probably the best tip we can give you. Getting enough water can be tricky when you’re working or just on the go all day, but having a nice reusable bottle sorts that out. Just fill it up before you leave, and drink away.

Most workplaces, colleges, and schools will have water fountains so you can refill your bottle when you’re finished. You can also buy sturdy two litre bottles so no refill needed! It’s a win-win; you get enough water and a fancy bottle that you love, and there’s no plastic cups being used and thrown away. 

Check out some lovely bottles here and here. 

Challenge Yourself

Set a goal to drink enough water each day, and try your best each day to reach that goal. You can invite your friends to join the challenge and motivate each other, and give yourself little rewards every time you hit your goal.

That is, if the feeling of being hydrated and healthy isn’t enough already!