How To Make The Perfect Margarita This National Margarita Day

STELLAR PROMOTION: We're marking the occasion in style.

Did you know that today, Tuesday, 22 February is National Margarita Day! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a Margarita?

This classic cocktail is simple in its ingredients and preparation – Tequila (we use Jose Cuervo Especial Silver), triple sec, lime juice & salt! Add the liquid ingredients into a shaker with ice and serve in a glass with salted rim.

The origins of the Margarita are unclear. Some say it was the brainchild of a Mexican restaurant owner- Carlos Herrera in the 1930’s for a beautiful showgirl called Marjorie King. Ms. King was allergic to alcohol except for tequila however didn’t like to drink it straight. Herrera allegedly mixed it with lime and added salt to the rim. The addition of triple sec came later.

Others say the Margarita came from an adaptation of the style of cocktail called the ‘Daisy’, which was very popular in the 30s. A Daisy was a mix of alcohol, citrus juice and grenadine served over crushed ice – when tequila was added to the mix it became a Margarita (which is the Spanish word for Daisy)!

Today, we have many permutations of the Margarita with every possible flavour from strawberry, raspberry, ginger and pineapple, and variously served in glasses rimmed with salt, chilli, sugar, straight up, over ice or frozen!

However you prefer your Margarita, be sure to celebrate this National Margarita Day with Jose Cuervo Tequila!

This National Margarita Day – Jose Cuervo is giving away the incredible prize of a year’s supply of Margaritas! Head over to @josecuervoirl to find out more.

Cuervo Classic Margarita

· 50ml Jose Cuervo Especial Silver

· 25ml Lime Juice

· 25ml Triple Sec

DIRECTIONS: Add all ingredients and shake. Garnish with salt on the rim & lime wedge.


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