Your Ultimate Guide To An Enjoyable Dry January With ALDI

STELLAR PROMOTION: Thanks to ALDI’s quality selection of non-alcoholic beers, bubbles and mocktails, it has never been easier to stick to your Dry January goals!

When it comes to Dry January  you don’t have to compromise on quality when making great value savings this new year. ALDI has a great value selection of exciting non-alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks!

Whether you want a light drink while socialising with friends this month or a non-alcoholic nightcap, ALDI has something to suit all palates, including award-winning premium brand non-alcoholic beer, alcohol-free bubbles, mocktails and non-alcoholic spirits.

Breeze through Dry January with ALDI’s amazing alcohol-free alternatives

Cocktail enthusiasts rejoice! ALDI has a marvellous range of classic mocktails to see you through the month and create joyful moments from home. Pop open a Mojito Mocktail Can €1.79 or Pina Colada Mocktail Can €1.79 for the ideal treat. Serve up some glasses of Strawberry Daiquiri Mocktail €9.99 or Tequila Sunrise Mocktail €9.99 for the perfect alcohol-free party drink.

Celebrate with the effervescent Zerozecco Sparkling White

Why not host a not-so-boozy brunch with friends? Serve mimosas made with Zerozecco Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White €2.99 or enjoy a bellini made with Zero Point Zero Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé €2.99 and thank us later!

Those who fancy a light, low-alcohol wine will fall head over heels for the Featherweight 5.5% Pinot Grigio or the Featherweight 5.5% White Zinfandel, both €3.79.

Sit back and relax with the perfect alcohol-free G&T

Craving a gin and tonic? Quench your thirst with ALDI’s selection of non-alcoholic gins like Saoirse Gin Alternative €9.99. Produced by the team at Old Carrick Mill Distillery in Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan, this fresh and floral non-alcoholic gin is as delicious and refreshing as the real thing. Internationally recognised, Gordon’s 0.0 €15.20 is similarly satisfying and is popular this January!

Why not try the non-alcoholic versions of your favourite drinks with month at ALDI?

Don’t forget the classics! There is no need to go without your favourite premium brands this month as ALDI is stocking non-alcoholic beers and stouts in stores nationwide. Guinness 0.0 €5.99 boasts the same texture and rich flavour as the original, while a Heineken 0.0 €6.00 is perfect for those looking for that light lager taste.

There you have it… ALDI is the place to be for all your “low” and “no” alcohol alternatives!  Get creative with ALDI’s fantastic range of products available in 155 stores nationwide.

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