Food News – Percy Pig Ice Cream To Orange Flavoured Gin, Here’s What We’re Craving

All the trending snacks you need to know about!

If there’s one thing we’re absolutely loving at the moment, it’s our weekly trip to the shops. A chance to see other faces, browse the aisles, wear a pair of jeans – if so inclined! It’s as much fun as April can offer at the moment while we follow lockdown rules and battle through this pandemic.

But thankfully, new and exciting products are still hitting the shelves and so, it’s time to take note of the latest trending products to sample now, or save for later.

It’s our STELLAR food report! 

Gordon’s Gin has launched a Mediterranean orange flavour 

Goodbye pink gin, hello orange. Gordon’s are always setting the trend when it comes to gin and this year it looks like it’s all about the summery taste of oranges from the Med.

According to Gordons: “It boasts fresh orange notes that perfectly complement the juniper and refreshing taste of Gordon’s, creating a delicious G&T alternative for those stopping and enjoying a moment in the summer.”

Don’t mind us while we bask in the back garden.

M&S launches Percy Pig ice cream

Percy is a man on a mission these days. From the tasty sweets to most recently, the desert sauce and now – ice cream. There’s no stopping him and we cannot get enough. Launching in M&S stores last week, Percy Pig ice cream comes in a delicious raspberry and grape flavour, with a ripple of tasty fruit sauce running through it, and chunks of delicious strawberry marshmallow. Say no more.

Although many of us don’t have M&S within the 2K distance, this is one to take note of for later in the summer.


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Move over Cornetto, KitKat cones are now a thing

When we say move over Cornetto, we mean gently side step (we will always heart you) but there’s a new contender in town and definitely worth a try.

Landing earlier this month, the cones features chocolate sauce and a KitKat leg placed down the centre of the cone.


The Happy Pear have released a new vegan soup 

Expanding their already delicious offering, The Happy Pear have released a brand new vegan soup across SuperValu stores.

The Happy Pear’s Belly Hug Lentil Soup is available in stores nationwide now!


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