Pass Me Some Crackers And Grapes, Solid Cheese Easter Eggs Have Landed

Sweet mother.

Excuse me while I literally drool all over my laptop. Easter eggs made out of solid (yes, solid) cheese are here and I’m feeling weak.

Long gone are the days when we just had chocolate eggs at Easter, that was such a pre coronavirus time. Now, we embrace eggs in all their form. Chocolate, cheese and soft over avo-toast, mmmm.

Cheesealicious has brought out a cheddar cheese egg that they describe as being “made using the very finest milk, creating an addictive Easter treat that’ll keep you coming back for more time and time again.”

Well, that sounds like a hashtag dream to us!

And that’s not all, Butler’s Farmhouse Cheeses in the UK that brings you the above egg, is also stocking a blue cheese version.

“Delicious and versatile, this egg will make a sensational centrepiece for your cheeseboard, a gift for the cheese lover, or simply spread on a hot cross bun!”

Both eggs cost less than €6 and are available to pre-order here.

However, if the cheese eggs are making you go ew rather than ahhh, solid chocolate eggs exist too.

I mean, can we take both?

The Solid Chocolate Company creates eggs using 750g of solid Belgian chocolate and come in a variety of flavours from milk to white and even caramel.

The only sad news is that all their eggs have unfortunately sold out for the time being (people CANNOT get enough) and so, potentially they will have a restock but it’s just an unconfirmed case as to if and when at the moment.

Fingers crossed!


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