Why Selling Sunset Depicting Chrishell & G Flip’s Relationship Is So Important

Love comes in many different forms, and all equally are important.

The impact of Selling Sunset is indisputable.

Season 6 was only released last Friday and is currently in the top ten on Netflix in 59 countries. No other cast member is as impactful now than Chrishell Stause, having joined the show in season 1 as the newest realtor at the Oppenheim Group she quickly became one of the central figures of the show providing peak drama between her fights with Christine, and her relationship with her boss Jason Oppenhiem.

However since announcing her relationship with Australian musician G Flip last year she has taken on a new role, that of queer icon for many fans of hers and the show. The pair revealed on Instagram last week that they had tied the knot, and their relationship features heavily on the latest season of the aforementioned reality show.

This is important and groundbreaking for several reasons. Firstly representation matters, and Chrishell’s presence on Selling Sunset provides much-needed visibility for queer individuals, especially within traditionally heteronormative spaces. Her portrayal demonstrates that queer people exist in all walks of life and deserve to be seen, celebrated, and respected.

In the new intro to the show she says, “I know people think I’m having a midlife crisis, but I’m having an awakening”. Seeing someone like Chrishell succeeding and thriving in her professional and personal life sends a powerful message of hope and possibility to queer individuals, encouraging them to embrace their own journeys with confidence.


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Of course their romance hasn’t been free from negativity. Following Chrishell sharing more about her relationship on the season 5 reunion special, queerphobic viewers accused her of not wanting to have children – as she had ended her relationship with boss Jason Oppenheim due to his reluctance to start a family. While she responded to the trolls with a witty meme, this highlights how much further we have to go to achieve an understanding and empathetic environment.

This is more unique in reality television than TV shows in general, when you think of many of the major shows of this genre, like The Kardashians, and The Real Housewives. Much like Selling Sunset before now, all the key characters were largely straight cis women which in turn can often attract a certain type of audience.

G Flip also acknowledged the show in this way, saying on the People Everyday podcast: “I feel like the [Selling Sunset] audience isn’t so much a queer space.” This makes the couple’s presence on the show all the more powerful, broadening the minds of people who perhaps would not be consuming as much content with members of the LGBTQ+ community in it, while also allowing those who are questioning their sexuality or identify to see themselves represented in a mainstream reality TV show.


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Moreover Chrishell does not use any particular labels for her sexuality. In a world now where we like to categorise people, she is a great role model for those who maybe do not identify with a particular label within the LGBTQ+ community. She said herself on the premiere of season 6 that when G Flip first asked her out she said that she was faltered, but was unfortunately straight. She said, “its just, like a funny construct that I had in my head”, “I realised I’m actually very attracted to them”. She later said that being with G Flip has made her realise she is just attracted to “energy in general.” Her conversations about figuring out her own sexuality are likely to help people who are in similar situations.

The inclusion of Chrishell and G Flip’s relationship on the show offers an opportunity to challenge preconceived notions and change hearts and minds. Through her interactions with fellow cast members and her openness about her queer identity, she dispelling stereotypes and fostering understanding. By sharing her experiences and engaging in meaningful conversations, she becomes a catalyst for dialogue and education, encouraging viewers to question their own biases and promote acceptance.

Showcasing so much of the pair’s relationship on the show brings visibility and authenticity to the queer experience. By openly discussing her sexual orientation and sharing her journey, Chrishell also becomes a relatable role model for queer individuals who may be struggling with their own identity. Through her presence, viewers witness the joys, challenges, and triumphs that are part of the queer lived experience, fostering empathy, understanding, and acceptance – and driving home the message that love comes in many different forms, and all equally are important.

Words by Fiafhlaith Ní Mhurchú