11 Thoughts Every Girl Has On Her Period

Just trying to find humour in our suffering.

If there is one thing every woman has in common, it is the fear we all face when it is coming up to that dreaded time of the month.

For one week every month our hormones go through the roof, we hate every male that graces this planet, and we eat ALL of the food in sight.

While being a girl most definitely is not easy, it is important to see the funny side of things. SO, we have devised a list with some of the thoughts we all have while on our period, all in the name of LOLS.

“Was that a cramp?!”

That sharp pain in my womb was either a false alarm or the beginning of the end. Now, all I can do is sit back and bide my time while I await my fate.

“Why is there NEVER any chocolate in this house”

Thaaaat’s probably because I’ve eaten it all, but this craving is the confirmation I have been waiting for. That cramp was indeed the start of my period.

“Shite, I don’t have any sanitary products with me”

This has been happening to me every month for how many years now, why am I STILL never prepared and carry around a spare tampon with me when I am out?

“Is it normal to lose this much blood”

Chances are, it is completely normal and I am just being a massive drama queen, but still.

“Why do boys not have to put up with this”

Look at them all, walking around, not bleeding and shit, they disgust me.

“At least I’m not pregnant”

How do women actually give birth? I would so much rather deal with this for a few days than pop one out. No babies for me, nope, never.

“I love my boyfriend”

He’s so kind to me, going to the shop to get me chocolate and jellies. I am so lucky.

“I hate my boyfriend”

Does he really have to eat that loud? He has no idea what pain I am enduring right now. He makes me sick.

“Why am I crying?”

It’s just a video of therapy dogs at Disneyland, it’s not that cute. Okay, it definitely is and I am now uncontrollably sobbing. Just LOOK at their little Mickey Mouse ears.

“The bleeding seems to be easing off a bit now, I’ll put nice underwear on today”

Aaaaand there’s blood. All over my nice satin knickers. Why me, God?

“It’s almost over now”

Only another day or two to go now, you got this girl.

Finally, it is all over. You can now resume as normal, until next month, when you have to do it all over again.


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