3 Readers Share Their Tinder Success Stories

Love at first sight, a mini-break to Rome and a proposal in Paris: These readers prove that Tinder isn't all dick pics and awkward dates.

couple holding hands

Everything just clicked.

Sarah, 24

I’d been single for four years when I decided to give Tinder a go. Until then I’d only dated guys on and off from my hometown, but it was always the same old story – nothing in common, and a short-lived romance that fizzled out within weeks.

When I moved to Dublin for a new job, I decided to give this ‘dating app’ malarkey a try. I found it all a bit bizarre at first – swiping away an entire person’s existence based on whether you like the look of their photo or not seemed a tad harsh and I definitely had a few creepy interactions. But then I got chatting to one guy, who seemed like a genuinely decent sort. Hurrah, I found a normal one!

He was French, and I’d never dated someone foreign before, so I was a little apprehensive about the language barrier and more importantly, my all-important Irish sense of humour barrier, when we agreed to meet up.

When we met at the Spire, and he gave me an over-the-top classic French double-kiss (I should have expected it, really), I really wasn’t sure how the night was going to progress, and did consider legging it.

And then everything just clicked – it was one of those instant connections where you feel totally at ease and comfortable enough to chat away, be weird and share your secrets. His English wasn’t perfect, but it didn’t seem to matter: it just felt right from that first meeting.

Fast forward almost three months and he’s already my boyfriend, with a romantic weekend away to Rome together planned for next month.

My advice? Always be open to new experiences, try not to have preconceptions of people, and ALWAYS meet in a bar. God bless the glass of vino for breaking the ice.

I don’t want to say it was love at first sight, but the connection was pretty instantaneous.

Rachel, 26

I was pretty lucky on Tinder. Jack was my first Tinder date, and pretty much the first guy I was messaging. I don’t want to say it was love at first sight on our first date, but the connection was pretty instantaneous. What was only meant to be one drink turned into a six hour long chat-a-thon and probably the best date of my life. Our second date lasted an entire weekend.

I’ll admit, I used to be a little snobby about online dating. I had this whimsical idea about meeting a guy in the supermarket and reaching for the same apple, or some other silly scenario. But since I’ve met Jack I’ve wondered why the hell I didn’t sign up sooner!

We celebrated his birthday a couple of weeks ago and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I didn’t even have to think about saying yes, and while I don’t want to jump the gun too early, I will say that the past couple of months have been pretty awesome and I’m feeling pretty damn smitten.

Seven months and several mini-breaks later, he proposed to me in Paris on my birthday.

Ali, 26

I’d been using Tinder for about three weeks and had went on two dates. They were nice guys and all, but there was no attraction or feeling there.

And then I matched with Aidan and suddenly found myself glued to my phone. We talked constantly and were messaging for about a fortnight when he asked me out for drinks.

Seven months and several mini-breaks later, Aidan proposed to me in Paris on my birthday.

I know there will be people who are skeptical of being engaged to someone who you only met seven months ago and I can see why, but our family and friends joked about a proposal from early in our relationship so I think everyone knew this was something special.

Aidan and I have been inseparable since we met on Tinder, we have the same silly sense of humour and similar interests in film, music and all that, and we grow closer and closer every day.

You can find love on Tinder, and I hope my experience will help other people have a little faith in love and all that other stuff.