3 Ways To Make Your Desk A Healthier Place

Germs, sugar and bad posture – given you probably spend about 40 hours a week at your desk, it's worthwhile making sure it's good for your health.

Unhealthy desk

Stock up on snacks

It can be hard to avoid a 3pm attack of the munchies, so make sure your desk is well-stocked with healthy, satisfying choices that won’t make you sugar-crash before COB. Fill your drawer with nuts, fruit, or a healthy bar – Nakd bars are our office fave! Having plenty of snacks will keep you satisfied all day long, and make it a lot easier to say no when your co-worker offers to bring you back a brownie at lunch.

Adjust your chair

Are you sitting comfortably? Well, you should be – because bad in-office posture can cause back and other problems further down the line. Make sure your chair is adjusted to suit you. Your feet should be flat on the floor when you sit, the back height should support your body, and your elbows should be around the same height as your desk. Oh, and make sure you’re not hunched over while you sit, unless you want tension in your shoulders.

Clean up

Your desk needs a real deep-down clean at the end of every day. That’s cos things like keyboards, phones, and computer mice are covered in germs and grime, making them breeding grounds for coughs, colds and stacks of other illnesses. Keep an anti-bac spray or, at the very least, some wipes on your desk, so you can give your desk a quick once over at the end of every day.