4 Fitness Lessons We’ve Learnt From The #IrishFitFam

They've given us major motivation, and taught us some pretty important tips and tricks along the way.

If there’s one place we look to for motivation and fitness advice, then it’s the #IrishFitFam. They’re the girls (and sometimes guys) in the blogosphere and on Instagram who inspire us with their amazing body transformations, encourage us to hit the gym and offer up lots of deadly fitness tips and tricks.

Yep, they’re a seriously motivated bunch and they’ve taught us all we know about maintaining and starting a healthy lifestyle. Here are the four most valuable lessons they’ve taught us so far:

1. Ease back into it

Forget going hammer and tongs at a new fitness routine. If you’ve just started exercising again take it easy on yourself, like fitness IGer Paula Duffy. She eased herself back into the gym after “doing nothing and eating everything”, and by taking things slow she’s been able to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Paula Duffy

2. Fuel your body post workout

There’s no point putting in all that effort down the gym if you’re not going to follow it up with a body-loving meal. After all your bod’s just burnt a load of energy and needs to be refuelled. Healthy Dublin Gal follows-up her 5K morning run with an omelette and beans; a deadly combo to help repair and refuel. Make sure you get a similar mix within 30 minutes of your workout.



3. Weight gain isn’t necessarily a bad thing

Been working the leg machine like a demon and seeing the number on the scale go up instead of down? If you’re gaining muscle you’re going to gain weight, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing cos you’ll look more leaned and toned. Emma AKA Deadlifts And Donkey kicks is much happier now she is 10kg heavier, thanks to her exercise and diet regime.


4. Be confident and love your body

There’s no point loving the body you hope to have, if you don’t give some credit to the body you have now. Self confessed gym addict Lisa Sutton hits the nail on the head when she says, “there is no better feeling that being confident in yourself and loving your own body regardless.” Positive vibes equal positive results.

lisa sutton