4 New Release Books To Get On Your Radar This Month

There's plenty to get excited about

For book worms, having a couple new books sitting on your ‘to read’ pile is never enough. Always eager to know what new releases are coming our way, we’re giving you a helping hand to keep up to date with the latest book news.

This month, there’s plenty to add to your shelf and pre-order accordingly. From stories on allyship to dark comedies here are 4 books we’re loving to get you excited.

‘How To Kill Your Family’ by Bella Mackie 

Those familiar with Bella Mackie’s sharp, self-deprecating and witty journalism will surely already be excited for her fiction debut. This is a gruesome, funny, and entertaining revenge story that will have you hooked from start to finish.

The novel follows Grace Bernard who has little to no relationship with her billionaire father, and after she discovers he ignored her mother’s dying pleas for help she has her mind set on revenge. Her complicated plan for retribution includes killing her father’s entire family which leads to a dark and wickedly funny black comedy. If you liked the series Killing Eve, you’ll love this. Out Now. 

‘Beautiful World Where Are You’ by Sally Rooney

Arguably one of the most talented about authors of the last twelve months, Irish novelist Sally Rooney has announced the release of her next book. This will be the Dublin native’s third novel and once again we’ll see her deep-diving into relationships.

The story follows Alice, Felix, Eileen and Simon as they try to muddle their way through life. Expect lots of what Sally does best here, complicated relationships, deep connections, sex, desire, and of course, Dublin!

After the success of the adaption of Normal People, as well as her first book Conversations With Friends in the works to be a TV series, everyone is buzzing for what she’s releasing next. Out September 7th. 

‘What White People Can Do Next’ by Emma Dabiri

After the success of Emma Dabiri’s ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’, her second book ‘What White People Can Do Next’ has just been released and it instantly became a Sunday Times bestseller.

Drawing on her personal experiences, as well as lots of research, this book invites white people to challenge themselves to actually help create change in society. After the death of George Floyd last year and the Black Lives Matter movement which followed, many people are asking what it is they can do to help? In this book she shares that it’s important that as well as looking outward at what we can do, Emma also invites people to look inwards and start there.

This is essential reading, and considering it sold out on Amazon in 24 hours, we’d be grabbing ourselves as soon as possible. Out Now. 

‘Trisha’s 21 Day Reset’ by Trisha Lewis 

Someone we adore following on social media is Trisha Lewis. The 33-year-old has amassed almost 200k followers since she began sharing her lifestyle journey on Instagram. As well as being dedicated, motivated and hard-working Trisha is also absolutely gas craic.

New she is releasing her second book which is due out later this year. Following on from her first book which came out in 2020, this too will be filled with lots of delicious recipes as well as help and advice for anyone who wants to join her on her journey towards a healthier life. Out Now. 



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