5 Foods That Contain More Than Your Recommended Daily Intake Of Sugar

According to the World Health Organization we should be consuming around 25g of sugar a day. Staying within that healthy limit will be a helluva lot easier if you cut these out.

Healthy foods with lots of sugar

A bottle of coke

It might be our go-to pick me up (after coffee, obvs) and our number one hangover cure, but those perky benefits certainly come at a cost. A cost of around 44g of sugar per bottle to be precise. Diet coke doesn’t come in much better with around 18g of sugar per 335g can. We’ll be switching out our regular can of the fizzy stuff for a bottle of fruit-infused water instead.

Bottled smoothies

That glorious green smoothie might not be so saintly after all. In fact, if you bought it from a shop it likely isn’t, as the average store-bought smoothie can pack as much as 53g of sugar, over double your RDA. We know, shocking, right?

Dried fruits

They’re a handy desk snack, but unlike their fresh fruit friends they pack a much heavier sugar content. Two small handfuls of dried fruit can add up to 26g of sugar, compared to a cup of fresh strawberries which rack up only 7g. We know which we’re choosing.


Guilty of grabbing a big bowl of granola in the mornings? Us too, but it’s important to be careful which brand you choose. Check the label as some of the more sinful options chalk up more than 27 grams of the sweet stuff per serving. Homemade overnight oats are a great alternative.

Low-fat yoghurt

They’re a deadly snack when we’ve hit the dreaded 3pm slump, but what they lack in fat, they make up for in sugar, with some options, like Yoplait Strawberry 99% fat free yoghurt having 26 grams of sugar. If in doubt, go for full fat Greek. At 6g a serve it makes for a much healthier choice. Top with berries for added sweetness.


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