5 Signs You Fall In Love Too Easily

And they ain't pretty.

Couple in love

So, you hook up, he texts you and then you begin fantasising about what your kids are going to look like. Sound familiar? If so, you may be guilty of falling hard and fast way too easily.

We’re all guilty of indulging in the odd unrealistic fantasy when you first start seeing someone, but if you find yourself totally heartbroken once a month because that fella you met in Coppers stops replying to you it’s time to take a step back and check yo’self.

Here are the five signs that you fall in love way too easily.

1. Your mates think you’re offish

Do you talk about him so much that your mates think you’re already boyfriend and girlfriend, when you’ve only been on one date? When your friends start asking you and him to go on double dates, while his friends don’t even know you exist yet, it may be time to take a step back.

2. Your day revolves around him texting you back

Checking your phone a zillion times a day for a response to the text(s) you sent two days ago? When you first start seeing someone there should be a back and fourth convo going on, so if you find your enthusiasm is not reciprocated it might be because it’s too premature.

3. Everything’s about him

All you think about is what he’s doing, thinking and feeling. You are so engrossed in all of the goings on in his life that you totally forget to look after the most important person in your life: you. If you find you’re organising your life to work around his schedule you need to stop ASAP.

4. You miss the signs

You are so head over heels in love that you completely miss the signs that your new beau just ain’t that into you. All the signs are there, like hurried phone calls, making excuses to leave early, but you’re jus too blinded by love to notice. Get out of this sitch now, ladypal.

5. You’ve ruled out all other men

That guy you’ve been making eyes with for the past six months in your local cafe? He’s basically invisible to you now that you shifted yer man. If you’ve ruled out all prospective men because you’re totally convinced this guy is ‘the one’ after one night together you need to step back and re-evaluate. SRSLY.


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