5 Steps To Getting Over A Breakup Like A Boss

Still moping in your PJs after that nasty split? Follow these steps and you'll come back stronger than ever.

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1. Unfriend and unfollow

Forget being friends if you want to keep your sanity intact. Don’t just block him on Facebook, though, remember to remove him from all other social networks – you don’t need to see his daily snaps or what he had for breakfast on Insta. While you’re at it, hide statuses from your mutual friends too. There’s nothing worse than seeing him tagged in a photo, having the LOLs with his mates. Out of sight, out of mind…

2. Put the relationship in a box

Still sleeping in his hoodie and flicking through photos from when you first met? Stop. It. Now. Gather up all your relationship memorabilia, and store it away in a box, somewhere you won’t see it. It symbolises moving on, and you won’t have those pesky physical reminders dragging you down. Resist the urge to burn or bin it though. Once the pain has subsided, it’ll still be nice to look back on.

3. Install the Drunk Mode App

The one thing worse than waking up with a banging headache after a wild night out? Discovering that you drunk-texted your ex with a seriously morto message. Sure you can resist the temptation of texting him during the day, but once you’ve downed your third vodka martini it might not be so easy. Save yourself the cringe-factor, and install Drunk Mode, which stops you drunk dialling selected contacts in your phonebook. Guess who’s first on your block list.

4. Reinvent yourself

Remember Khloe Kardashian’s revenge body after her split from Lamar Odom? We’re not saying you have to undergo a full-body transformation but using your new-found freedom to achieve a goal is going to feel seriously liberating. Book that trip, go after that dream job or simply do something that you’ve always wanted to. Now is the time to indulge in yourself. You’re fabulous, after all.

5. Learn from it

Sure, it hurt like hell, and right now you feel like you never want to get into a relationship EVER again, but here’s the thing: you will get over it, and in time you’ll find someone even more amazing that you want to be with. Right now, though? Feel your feelings, allow yourself to grieve, and then pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get ready to be bigger and better than you were before.