5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Supplements

Have a kitchen cupboard groaning under the weight of redundant vitamin jars and don't no what to do with them? We asked Solgar, the supplement specialists, for tips on taking your tablets.


Think the only way you can get health and skin benefits from the humble supplement is to swallow, chased by a loads of water? Think again. We spoke with Solgar who shared with us all kinds of helpful ways to wellbeing wonderfulness.

1. Beauty boost your smoothie

Fruit-filled refreshments aren’t as healthy as we had originally thought – those sneaky sugars. Grr. Make your smoothie work harder by adding Solgar Skin, Hair and Nails – just crush a tablet and sprinkle. Bonus point: There’s no compromise on taste and according to nutritionist Alice Bradshaw, “Vitamin C, L-lysine and proline (which are found in the supplement) all help to build collagen.”

2. Infuse foot cream with anti-inflammatory powers

Curcumin is the key active compound found in turmeric – a plant renowned for giving curries their bright orange-y hue. There’s more – researchers have found that turmeric helps to regulate inflammation. Give your swollen, aching, high-heel wearing hooves a break by mixing Solgar Full Spectrum Curcumin 185x into your favourite foot cream.

3. Give spots the heave-ho

Nutritionist Paul Chamberlain is a big fan of essential fatty acids, “Fish oils and evening primrose oil provide super nourishment for skin cell membranes.” Squeeze the contents of a Solgar Evening Primrose Oil Softgel into clean hands and apply to spots and blemishes for uber healing.

4. More power to your porridge

Adding multi-vitamins to your morning porridge has to be the handiest hack EVER – you’ll never forget to take them now! And we’re back to the old crush and sprinkle step – using Solgar VM-75 Tablets this time – pop the powder into your brekkie and stir. Yum!

5.  Night-time skin soother

Add five drops of Solgar Liquid Vitamin E (the antioxidant priestess) to your favourite night cream. The surge in slip factor means you’ll have the perfect texture to indulge in some circulation-boosting facial massage. Fast forward sleepy time and behold – baby soft, revitalised skin.